Always be cool with the Zero Breeze portable air conditioner

In certain places and situations, it’s usually not possible to enjoy the luxury of cooled air. And while portable air conditioners do exist, they’re usually very bulky and need to use ice or water when being operated.

The Zero Breeze remedies this problem by reducing the size of a portable air conditioner down to just 14 pounds and having it operated using either an outlet or a 40 mAH battery that can be charged in just three to five hours. It has a rotary compression system within that uses an environmentally-friendly coolant that can cool a 50 square foot space down to 44°, perfect for a small home, office, tent, RV, college dorm, or even the beach. (If indoors, a hose can be extended from the device outdoors to expel warm air.)

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Noria makes air conditioning cool again

Air conditioners do wonders to help stave off the brutal heat of the summer months. They don’t do any favors for your back, though. For some reason, and for far too long, air conditioners have been heavy chunks of awkwardly shaped metal that practically required a body builder to install safely and without the risk of endangering anyone’s toes. (Or head, for that matter.)

It’s obvious that in creating air conditioning units for the average apartment dweller or small home owner, ergonomics and design weren’t taken into account. Noria’s laser focus on their many problems completely reinvigorates the idea. The result? A lightweight, attractive air conditioning unit that weighs in at just 30 pounds and is 40% slimmer than the average model, letting users keep their view even when installed. Still, it’s no pushover in the cooldown game: at 5,000 BTUs, it can effectively cool a 160 square foot room without leaving pockets of warm air like others.