Nugget turns pool noodles into beds of comfort

Finding furniture that travels well from home to dorm, or just from room to room and can take on the wear and tear of kids without breaking can be a challenge. Who knew that pool noodles would make what seems to be the perfect foundation for Nugget? The product consists of four pieces that weigh 19 pounds, and are amazingly quick to set up. The pieces stay together with friction alone. The fabric is easy to spot clean, but is also removable so that it can be washed. Since it’s unbreakable, it can be a great solution for either the dorm or for kids still living at home.

Nugget’s versatility means it can function as a bed, couch, lounge chair and more. Those who prefer studying and doing homework on the bed with their laptop rather than at a desk may be interested in the Lappito campaign. This campaign seeks to raise $20,000. Backers get one Nugget for $249 with an expected delivery of January 2015.