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Panoporter camera lets you see the whole room when video calling

Video calling is convenient because it allows people to easily see their kids and other loved ones while they are at work or traveling. It also makes work conference calls more productive because those doing it can not only hear their co-workers speak, but also see important charts and documents. But it’s hard to see the entire room with most cameras used for such calls.

patent-claimedPanoporter is a 360-degree 1080p HD camera for video calls that allows users to get a 360- or 180-degree view of the room it’s placed in, whether the device is on a table or mounted on a wall. It is controlled via an Android and iOS app. Unlike many 360-degree cameras, like CENTR,  that require multiple image sensors to stitch together a panoramic image, the patent-pending Panoporter uses just a single lens and there’s no trade-off in resolution.