Imaging Robots/Drones

The UFO Drone abducts a clever design and 360° video

Most drones on the market now feature designs that use large, unprotected propellers in order to generate the kind of force necessary for flight. This is supplemented by a camera or two along with what usually is a hefty price tag. The UFO Drone flips this standard on its head.

The UFO Drone is a lightweight, three-pound drone that reverses the usual design of a drone by housing its six propellers directly within its strong, carbon fiber-reinforced plastic body. This provides the appearance of an old film reel and the potential to resist more damage in the long run. The addition of a parachute that can be deployed in the case of a particularly rough landing extends its longevity further. But this is not simply a more rugged drone. The UFO Drone is equipped with a pair of 15MP dual cameras that together can record 360° 4K video, perfect for sporting events, outdoor parties, or just a good time at the park. With a 23 minute hover time, pilots will have to make every minute count.


Chute trainer improves your golf shots by adding lag

Golf is one of those sports that seems none too stimulating. Untrue. There’s a lot involved in perfecting one’s stroke to get that ball close to or in the hole. Chute Trainer is designed to perfect your swing. Essentially a little parachute, it attaches to the bottom of your club to teach you the dynamics of lag. This helps to strengthen the golfers’ arms so that they shoot with more force, leading to drives up to 20 to 30 yards longer. Chute Trainer is small, folds up in your pocket and is completely detachable from the club. One will cost backers $35 with a Kickstarter campaign goal of $25,000.

Golf trainers are many and short between. Most, however, focus on putting, like GreenPlay, X Ball and Zen Bloodhound covered on Backerjack. This is one of the few that aims to improve a golfer’s drive, the first and most important step in getting par. While really only appropriate for serious golfers, Chute Trainer is a good tool for those who find themselves on the green most days, if it actually works.