Pebble 2, Time 2 come to the smartwatch field with integrated health monitoring

The smartwatch field has become crowded with players since the first Pebble model launched via Kickstarter in 2013 and demand exceeded supplies.

Now, Pebble introduces updated versions of its Pebble and Pebble Time smartwatches that add, among other features, integrated health monitoring. Each features an e-paper display, heart rate monitor, microphone, and built-in activity and sleep tracking, and are water resistant down to 30 meters. They are also each compatible with Android and iOS smartphones. Pebble 2 has a high contrast black and white display, while Time 2 has a 53 percent larger color display than its predecessor. Pebble 2 can last seven days on a full charge, while Time 2 can last 10 days.


The Pebble Core wearale agent helps runners at a new clip

Crowdfunding darling Pebble, the company behind the first truly successful smartwatch, is back at it again. In refining its brand of practical design, the company recently debuted its next generation of devices. While the two smartwatches introduced, the Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2, were expected, a third device called the Pebble Core is the company’s attempt at an ultra-wearable that ends being surprisingly useful on a daily basis.

One of the biggest things about the Pebble Core is its tiny size, the result of it having been designed first and foremost as a workout companion. With it clipped to the collar of a shirt or at the end of a tank top, there’s no need for a bulky smartphone wrapped around the arm or waist. Without a smartphone, though, those who are active have to contend with being disconnected, a problem the Core solves with its built-in micro-SIM card reader. This allows it to connect via 3G in order to track pace and distance (in conjunction with its embedded GPS), stream music using Spotify, send emergency text messages, and interface with a wide array of fitness apps, from Google Fit to MapMyFitness.