GT TV promises Hollywood movies at home in best quality

The problem of movie distribution has become such a minefield. Execs sit in one corner wanting to keep their properties valuable, the general public wants an unlimited selection at a low price in another, and torrenters watch from the sides getting everything for free but without a proper selection. Although the problems may seem insurmountable, the GT TV attempts to satisfy everyone by being an expression of the compromise necessary.

The product is a slickly-designed set top device that acts a controller that allows users to navigate the GT TV catalogue of movies. Instead of using adaptive bit rate protocols like most other VOD services, the store is built upon what’s called the Secure Peer Assist technology. It blends the streaming capabilities of service providers with peer-to-peer technology to facilitate true HD quality content, all the time, without degradation. The GT TV campaign is looking for a whopping $1,807,019 AUD (~$1,500,000 USD) to make it a reality. $250 AUD (~$210 USD) will get backers a standard GT TV, $350 AUD (~$290 USD) will add a hard drive, and $750 AUD (~$630 USD) will add a solid state hard drive, all due out in July 2015.

The good thing about GT TV is that the content downloaded comes with fair rights use, so users can take it anywhere with them, and there are no subscriptions fees to use the service as well. However, the device and service only works in New Zealand and Australia, so most of the biggest markets are out of luck for now.