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Recall your life’s greatest hits with Perfect Memory

Many of the awesome, curious and strange moments that happen on a daily basis end up being entertaining stories later on┬ábut are made better when they’re recorded for all to see. With a smartphone in everyone’s pocket, people have never been more capable of doing so. The only problem lies with actually pulling out the device in time. Since most of these moments happen so quickly, it’s hard to save them in time.

patent-claimedThe Perfect Memory is the perfect solution for this particular problem. The lightweight, Wi-Fi capable, microphone-equipped camera sports stunning build quality and can be worn around the neck, off a keychain, attached to a car’s dashboard, or anywhere else for that matter. With it, users can either continuously record their lives and tap the device to save the last five minutes of video or record at the tap of a button instead, with both modes able to be set to time lapse.