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PERI Duo case is a combination battery case, wireless speaker, style statement

Bluetooth speakers have exploded on the scene and readjusted just what consumers expect from their audio companions. Although features like weight and long-lasting battery for maximum portability are on the top of the list, a dead iPhone battery will render any speaker completely useless. Luckily, the PERI Duo case solves both problems with a single, compact solution.

The case is a combination battery charger and wireless speaker that works over both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. When attached, its 2500mAh battery ensures the iPod Touch or iPhone 5, 5C, or 6 is always full of juice and that the three and four watt speakers amplify any tunes a user might want to hear. When not attached, a user can stream music from the iPhone to the PERI Duo using Bluetooth, or multi-cast their audio to multiple, other speakers using the case from up to 100 feet away.

It’s slim profile is pretty attractive even if there is no iPhone 6+ nor any Android compatibility at the moment. Backers can take advantage of an early bird special of $79, a price that will rise to $99 after initial supply is sold. A successful $100,000 campaign will see the case expected to shipped in April 2015.