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Neo Razor’s built-in dispenser doesn’t rough up faces of sensitive men

Shaving is one of those grooming activities that everyone does, but no one really cares all that much for. Finding a decent razor is a challenge that can add to the aggravation. If they don’t cause a skin rash, many of them still irritate and dry out the skin.

Neo Razor, designed for men, is a product that was created with sensitive skin in mind. The product is touted as reducing shaving cream waste since it dispenses shaving cream directly onto the face right from the razor. According to the campaign, it works effectively on all facial hair types.

Neo Razor seems like is offers some nice convenience with the built-in shaving cream dispenser, though it’s unclear if the dispenser is refillable or if a new razor must be purchased in order to maintain that convenience. If so, that would be a definite drawback. Backers might also want to check out Sphynx, Rockwell, and RazorPOD  This campaign seeks to raise £150,000 (~$228,000 USD) on Kickstarter. For £500 (~$760 USD), backers get one Neo Razor with an expected delivery of June 2015.


ClickStick overengineers the deodorant applicator because stains are the pits

Ever since deodorant first came into existence, there has always been the question of how to keep it from getting all over one’s clothes during application. From sprays to gels to those “invisible” solids, it seems that even if those white streaks are avoided, that there is still that feeling of something cold, wet and slimy hanging out in one’s armpits. So the creators of ClickStick have attempted to fix this problem by creating a specially engineered “smart” deodorant container that apparently knows exactly how much to apply, reducing overuse and waste of the product. Oh, and it’s eco friendly too. For those who don’t mind sharing with the digital world via an app about their personal care products and habits, the refills for ClickStick can even be ordered online and shipped directly to one’s home. The type of container in which those refills arrive isn’t stated, though the refillable idea is about cutting down on the plastic consumption that used deodorant containers apparently generate in general. While reusable is nice, it may be a hassle to have to order refills. After all, running out of deodorant and going without isn’t ideal. This campaign seeks to raise $55,000 by December 3, 2014. “Midday” bird backers who missed the early bird offer can get one product for $21, with an expected delivery of May 2015.