LensRacks holds camera, lens, flashes and more; makes life easier for photographers

Any photographer knows that changing lenses quickly can be an important part of getting the best shot. One can’t be fumbling around with camera bags and costly equipment, or else they’ll miss a great photograph. However, there isn’t a great way to keep the camera’s accessories organized.

patent-claimedFor lenses, flashes, monitors, cameras and more comes LensRacks. This product is modular and customizable, using rails to hold camera accessories in place. To use, place lens holders, flash holders, camera adapters and more in between the rails. The lenses and other accessories easily twist on and off. This way, all the accessories needed are quickly and easily accessible to the photographer. LensRacks is currently only compatible with Canon and Nikon products. Backers can pay $49 for the triple rail kit with estimated delivery in August of this year.

There are plenty of products out there aimed at keeping lens caps safe—like the Hack x Tack—but few that focus on larger accessories. While perhaps a little bulky to tote around, LensRacks is still great for any photographer who has a long day of picture-taking ahead of them. Its customizable and modular design make it especially appealing.

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Foldio 2 mini photo studio gets great shots, even better than the original

The digital camera is slowly dying out as smartphone cameras become more and more powerful. Now, it’s possible to take great photographs with an Android or iPhone. However, nothing can replace the perfect photographing conditions of a professional studio.

The Foldio 2 is a portable set for taking photographs. When folded up, the Foldio 2 looks like a large flat folder with handle for ease of traveling. To set up, simply unfold and assemble using the accompanying magnets. Foldio 2 is made from lightweight white plastic. With bright LED lights, this little studio packs quite the punch and provides tons of light to make any subject pop.

The creators behind Foldio have found success on Kickstarter before with their original product, the Foldio. Now, they’ve improved upon the original design by making it twice the size. They’ve made up for portability by adding the above mentioned handle and have added an adapter for the lights so that they last twice as long.

The Foldio 2 is certainly an improvement on an already cool product. Amateur photographers have flooded social media sites, especially the popular Instagram, and this is a great product for just such a person. One will cost backers $65 by March 2015. Foldio 2 has already smashed its original $50,000 goal, raising over $350,000 on Kickstarter.