Pinblock is a building toy that goes above and beyond, not meant for pinheads

Most building toys help kids learn about construction, engineering and spatial fundamentals. However, many of these toys are limited in the types of structures that can be made with them.

Pinblock promises to change all that. These small building blocks use a series of anchors and pins that fit together. On the campaign, the creators demonstrate just how many different things can be made using Pinblock. They’ve used their product to create planes, animals and even the Empire State Building. The shape of Pinblocks is what sets it apart from similar toys, allowing it to be melded into anything.

Backerjack has seen many building block toys over the past year, all promising versatility. And, for the most part, they all deliver. Pinblock is another example of this. It’s certainly a little bit more flexible than other toys, but doesn’t do much else to set itself apart. Still, for a donation of $40 backers can have a set of 500 pieces in random colors for delivery in May 2015. Pinblock is looking to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter.