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Portable Lap Desk offers space-challenged offices a small landing pad

It seems that the workplace is constantly requiring more mobility and interconnectedness. And when one is working on the road, or just works in an office space with limited seating, a portable desk can be great item to have around. Portable Lap Desk was invented with the space-challenged office in mind.

The bamboo plank balances on two metal brackets, which are attached to the wall. While the piece of wood is portable, the rest isn’t. The desk can be set up either at a standing height or sitting height.

It seems that a trip to a home supplies store or hardware store would offer the same materials and “freedom” that this product boasts. That being said, the Alden Lap Desk might prove to be even more convenient and be a better product. Interested backers might also like to check out ZestDesk, The BU Desk, and Lappito. This campaign seeks to raise £3,000 (~$4,600 USD) on Kickstarter. For £60 (~$91 USD), backers get one product with an expected delivery of June 2015.


Zestdesk portable desk works while you stand, travels where you walk

One of the hardest parts about having a desk job is sitting for eight hours a day. The lack of movement tends to make muscles and joints feel tight and a bit stiff after a few hours. The creators of Zestdesk have come up with a solution that lets you stand up and work at the same time.  It’s made of anodized aluminum, offers adjustability for a monitor, keyboard and mouse, and is lightweight. While it appears that raising and lowering the legs may mean clearing off one’s work station first, it does offer the convenience of folding up and a carrying handle for maximum portability. Another campaign offering an easily storable workspace is Refold, but this item is made of cardboard. Other portable desk options include StorkStand, Frey Desk, and StandDesk, but not all of these offer the same adjustability and durability as the Zestdesk. Zestdesk seeks to raise at least $10,000 by November, and early bird backers can get in on this Australian product for $337 AUD with an expected delivery of April 2015.