Powapass passes soccer balls to players for practice, shoots them out real good

One of the best ways to practice a sport alone is with a ball dispenser, like those used in tennis and baseball. Now, there’s such a product for soccer as well.

The Powapass shoots soccer balls out for practice. It can hold three balls or up to five with an extra extender piece. With a remote control, the player can easily adjust the angle and speed at which the balls are shot out. The battery is rechargeable and the product is lightweight and portable. In addition, it’s also possible to determine at what kind of interval the balls should be dispensed.

This product is excellent for soccer players looking to practice. The campaign also suggests that parents could use Powapass for their children who want someone to play with outside. Perfect if the parents are too lazy or busy to go out themselves. The limited ball capacity of Powapass is the only drawback, but it looks like the creators are looking to solve this problem in the future. One will cost backers a donation of $390 AUD (~$304 USD) with delivery in May 2015. Powapass is hoping to raise $55,000 AUD (~$42,900 USD) in funding.