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printWifi lets you print hassle-free from your smartphone, tablet

It’s mind-boggling how difficult it can be to print something from a smartphone or a tablet. Companies have long offered ease-of-use with their smart devices, but that tenet was lost of them when they considered the concept of printing. As digital as we are, important documents will always need to be printed out and that need won’t go away for a very long time.

The ImageTech corporation understood this, leading them to create the printWifi. The product plugs into to any printer and creates an instant hotspot to which smart devices can connect to. Once connected, its companion iOS or Android app facilitates the printing of any document to pretty much any printer using the printWifi’s onboard database of 5,000 unique drivers. This ensures pretty much any printer will be able to be used, all without needing network access.

printWifi is extremely similar to the Lantronix’s xPrintServer, but costs $99 versus the former’s $69 price tag, and only works on iOS. The printWifi campaign is looking to raise $10,000 and is expected in February 2015.