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Prynt will instantly print photos taken with your smartphone

As their cameras get ever better, smartphones have become the go-to device that many people use to take photos. But although they generate photos that can look amazing, there is no on-the-go way to get a physical photo to post on a refrigerator or a wall, or to give to grandparents who don’t use devices that would allow them to receive the image digitally.

Prynt is a camera case for iPhones and Android smartphones that enables the user to instantly print out any photo that is taken with the device. The San Francisco- and Paris-based team of developers is using the same ZINK Zero Ink printing technology that’s been used in products like Polaroid’s instant mobile printers. The special paper that’s used has ink embedded inside, eliminating the need for any ink cartridges that need to be replaced.

Prynt’s makers have also added a neat additional feature involving augmented reality. When a photo is being taken, the Android and iOS app records a short video and stores it in the cloud. Then, when a user holds the phone over the printed image, the app will automatically scan and recognize it, showing that video on screen in augmented reality.

Backers who pledge $99 will get a Prynt case when it ships in August. That’s less than the $130-$150 that its makers expect to charge at retail. Its makers have set a goal of raising $50,000 in funding.

Prynt holds great promise—adding instant printing capability to a smartphone is a great idea. Other devices have tried to do the same thing, such as Snapjet, which users dock their smartphones on to print an image using analog instant film. Designing Prynt as a lightweight case makes it more portable, and makes the process of taking a photo and printing it out instantly very much like using an old Polaroid instant camera. Using ZINK paper also seems to be a superior alternative to using analog film. Prynt’s augmented reality feature adds even more value to the product. One drawback is that it is only compatible with select iPhones and Android phones, but its makers are trying to add compatibility for more smartphone models, according to the Kickstarter campaign video.


The Backerjack Podcast, Episode 5, with Ross Rubin and Steve Sande

As Steve has been busy launching something for today that launched yesterday, we’ve been remiss in posting about what he and Ross, your two favorite crowdfunding connoisseurs, did a while back — focus on three fresh products in Episode 5 of The Backerjack Podcast. We discussed a lot in 26 minutes before entering the time warp:

  • For those who want to ensure that they never miss a word in a phone call, there’s the useful and multifaceted Bluewire call-recording headset.
  • Those who wish to explore the Internet of sleepy things while keeping their cool in bed will want to check out the sleek Luna smart bed cover.
  • And those who want to plug, play and print photos on the spot will want to see how things develop with the Zink-based Prynt .

Steve and Ross also shared experiences trying out the original Narrative Clip (good times) and chatted up the changes coming with its imminent but not crowdfunded sequel, the unsurprisingly named Clip 2.

All the campaigns and preorder pages are still active so check out our thoughts before signing up to back them. Subscribe via iTunes or RSS, download the podcast by saving this link, or listen to it with the player below: