Road Warrior protects your Flintstones vitamins through the toughest conditions

Traveling often means getting exposed to new bacteria, viruses and other environmental issues for which one may not have that built in immunity because one is not normally exposed to them. So Road Warrior PharmaArmor is offering a pill case able to withstand the extremes that come with travel. It’s made of military-grade plastic, and features eight compartments for storing either vitamins or prescriptions meds. The product is impact-resistant, moisture resistant, dishwasher safe, and offers visual confirmation that meds have been taken to name just a few product features. Road Warrior is also spill-resistant, protecting your meds from harmful moisture.

Road Warrior takes meds seriously and has thought of every kind of protection for one’s pills. It comes with the added bonus of eight compartments, seven for each day of the week and a spare for small items like jewelry or cufflinks, a great idea. This campaign seeks to raise $54,719 by January 8, 2015. For $35, backers get one product with an expected delivery of April 2015.