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Zamman seeks to differentiate by offering smartwatch in the round

Smartwatch 20140209125400-coverpage[1]You run out the door and see the grey sky above. Uhooh. Should you bother to bring an umbrella? No more digging around in your pocket or purse for your mobile device to find out. The Zammann smartwatch operates like a simplified smartphone so you get that speedy weather update right on your wrist. As with other smartwatches, various apps will also let you read your e-mail, visit social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, control your music device, track fitness goals and a multitude other really cool functions. And yes, even your phone calls can be managed right there on your wrist. Of course, crowdfunding sites have been a haven for many smartwatches, but what sets the Zammann apart is its traditional round face. Unfortunately, the Zammanites haven’t provided much in the way of a video to show the product in action so we’re asked to take a bit of a leap of faith.┬áThe wearable technology comes in stainless steel, titanium and rose gold. For $199, a backer gets a Stainless Steel smartwatch with an expected delivery date of August 2014.