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Sammy Screamer shrieks when stuff gets disturbed

The Premise. Parenting can be a hard-core mission that can test your sense of sanity. But even for those who say that they enjoy a good challenge, there are days when it’s necessary to use tools that allow you to cheat.

The Product. Sammy Screamer is one device in a family that totals eight members that go by the name BleepBleeps. They were designed with the intent of “making parenting easier.” The devices each have different tasks ranging from monitoring the baby to keeping little Johnny out of the cookie jar to tracking your teens. And if all of that isn’t enough and you feel the need for more excitement in your life, there are even a couple of devices that can assist with knowing when it’s the most opportune time for “Mom and Dad” to enjoy rediscovering one another and engage in some family planning activities. But getting back to Sammy Screamer, it is essentially a cute, red triangular motion sensor that can emit what seems like a not-very-loud sound when it is activated as well as sending a signal to a smartphone app. The app also allows you to control the device’s sensitivity and volume but, alas, not those of a child.

The palm-sized motion detector has a magnetized back so that it can attach to, say, a refrigerator door, thereby possibly causing the offending door-opener to utter words that ought to be BleepBpeeped. The triangular tweeter also has a loop fixing so that it can be attached to a book bag, or on those days when a good, hardy laugh is needed, the dog’s or cat’s tail. Sammy works with Bluetooth LE up to 50 meters, which means you’ll have to be in the general vicinity to hear its plaintive cry.

The Pitch. The minimalist video for the $20,000 campaign opens with music that sounds like some trippy 1960s throwback keyboard player. Sammy is given a gender and becomes “cute” in the eyes of “her” creator throughout the video. Along with demonstrating some potential applications that includes cookie jar and refrigerator patrol, the rest of the product family makes a cameo

The Perks. There are a whopping ten tiers from which backers may choose. The $60 early bird special offers a complete Sammy Screamer product with free worldwide shipping. The $150 early bird special includes three Sammy Screamers, one app and free worldwide shipping. The estimated delivery is Aug 2014 for most levels.

The Potential. Sammy Screamer could be useful to young parents, teens, and those who enjoy practical jokes. (Imagine secretly attaching a Sammy Screamer to your friend’s jacket or purse when he or she isn’t paying attention.) It’s not presently able to be used with Android, but that’s only temporary. While there are other mini motion detectors out there, they while they are intended for fixed home security applications, Screaming Sammy is always happy to go along for the ride.