Schnuzzle dog toy appeals to your schnauzer’s shnoz

SchnuzzleRoast chicken, beef, barbecue, and even honey bacon are foods that many dogs enjoy. So Schnuzzle has taken these savory scents and combined them with colorful and interestingly shaped dog toys. Since the parts are interchangeable, new toys can be created for the family’s best friend, and the scent disks can also be swapped and replaced so that toys seem to offer a new experience each time dogs enjoy them. Presently, only the roast chicken scent is available, but the others are in the making as backers support this campaign. For $30 AUD backers get one complete product with some interchangeable chew parts and an expected delivery of April 2015.

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iScent smart atomizer lets you text people to go to smell

a118604cfcfb8a67ded56dab64218090_largeFor all those who’ve been clamoring for scented notifications from the smartphones comes the iScent, a small tower shaped device that pairs with an app to let you do just that. Water infused with essential oil is atomized to notify you of incoming notifications all while making your environment a pleasant one. Ultimately, the iScent looks like it a one-trick pony that will go the way of the oPhone DUO and Digiscents, even if it boasts a party mode for your olfactory-inclined friends. Early birds can scoop one up for just $35 if they care to, although it may make for a pretty paperweight if they do.