Smooth and Shape tames heinous manes with no heat necessary

Any curly girl knows that straight hair is more or less a fantasy without the help of a professional stylist. Hair straighteners and hot rollers can help tame the frizz, but many warn that the use of too much heat can damage the hair or even cause it to fall out.

Smooth and Shape is a new way to straighten hair using little to no heat. The system consists of boards and clips, both made of plastic. To use, section out wet hair and smooth hair over the board. Take one clip and attach at the top by the root of the hair and the second clip attaches to the bottom of the board. This way, it’s possible to adjust the tension. Then, it looks like the hair can either dry naturally or be helped along by a blow dryer.

The campaign features a video comparing the results of braiding the hair to using the Smooth and Shape. The creator, an African American woman, shows both results and demonstrates how her product produces more consistent results for an afro-type style that won’t shrink over time.

The videos showing the Smooth and Shape at work don’t really do much to convince that the product straightens hair very effectively. As its name would suggets, it seems to more smooth rather than full on straighten hair and does so a bit awkwardly. Still, this product isn’t a bad one for those with unruly manes. Backers can donate $30 for a starter kid of five boards and 10 clips with estimated delivery in May 2015. Smooth and Shape is hoping to raise $45,000 on Kickstarter.