SnapRak straightens out teens’ lockers, can’t help hormonal angst

One of the scarier things in life might be a teenager’s locker – second only to their bedroom. In an effort to help them organize and actually make it to their classes on time, SnapRak was invented. The plastic shelving unit can be snapped together outside of the locker without any tools then easily slides in for a perfect fit. Kids can have as many as 10 shelves and organize them in a way that works best for them. Might be a great idea if kids don’t have to share a locker.

Many schools are overcrowded and kids share lockers with as many as three other students. Now what to do about the odor in the locker that wafts out into the hall on the days that they have gym is another matter for consideration. In the meantime, this campaign seeks to raise $100 by December 4, 2014. For $30, backers get their pick of one hot pink or royal blue SnapRak with an expected delivery of December 2014. Other colors will become available as the product catches on.