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Snor uses mobile device, patented tech to ease night breathing

Many people snore and don’t try to remedy the problem even though their snoring often prevents them and their loved ones from getting a good night’s sleep. Snorers often are reluctant to try any of the most common treatments: implants, surgery and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines.

patent-claimedSnor is a patented training device that bypasses such methods, strengthening users’ soft palate muscles and enabling them to stop snoring for months, its makers say. The device plugs into Android and iOS smartphones, and users download an accompanying app to their phones. A short tube is then inserted into the Snor device and the user’s mouth. Sucking on the tube much like one sucks from a straw helps to train the soft palate muscle and users can gauge if they are doing it correctly by looking at the app.