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Laptop backpack disguised as a guitar case offers protection, deception

Wannabe guitar players can now fool the general public into thinking that they are something that they aren’t. How? By packing their laptop in a guitar case. Yes, Social Camouflage Laptop Backpack is a real product created by a guy who thinks that guitar players look way cooler than computer geeks when they walk down the street with their instrument strapped to their back. Extra padding that isn’t generally available in a backpack is included to reduce shock to the laptop when traveling where the wearer may get pushed around. But if flying, something this size would have to be checked and relegated to the baggage hold. Multiple pockets help to organize cords (as opposed to chords) for easy play…er…toting from gig to gig. Seems that it would be better to put the fantasies to rest and learn to play the instrument. Then the dream can be lived out. But for those who prefer their rock and roll fantasies, this campaign seeks to raise £20,000 (~$32,000 USD) by November 29, 2014. Backers get one laptop guitar case for £39 (~$62 USD), with an expected delivery of February 2015.