Connected Objects

socialBrite connected light serves up synchronized light shows, mirth

Wearables usually offer something tangible to the user, like heart rate data or fitness results. The socialBrite is yet another wearable, but this one offers small, clip-on lights that offer the potential for synchronized light shows across devices. When many are in close proximity to each other, the one paired by Bluetooth LE to an iOS or Android smartphone will dictate patterns and colors to the rest through an RF mesh network, creating vibrant displays that can be set automatically to music or customized by the user.

The socialBrite not only offers an aesthetic treat, but doubles as a sort of Bluetooth tracker for little ones because it also functions as an anti-loss device. Whenever the distance between the clip and the smartphone becomes too great, an alert is sent to the phone to inform the user providing peace of mind for parents everywhere.

Ultimately, however, the product isn’t as appealing as other platforms like the Waves system of connected lights that, while not portable, offers more openness and personalization. The socialBrite campaign is looking for $25,000 in funding to get the $25 clip on the heads of little girls everywhere by March 2015.