Connected Objects Music

The Solo plays the guitar for you, lets you focus on burning the dessert

Live music is a great help to practicing singers and musicians wanting accompaniment or as entertainment at a dinner party or in a club. The problem really lies in getting people together consistently who want to play, especially on short notice.

The Solo is looking to resolve that difficulty. The product is a mahogany or ebony guitar attachment that transforms any guitar into a self-playing version of itself. To do this, retractable pegs push down on the strings of a guitar’s fretboard while a row of picks down by the guitar’s base strums them, essentially creating a modern digital equivalent of a player piano.

Health and Wellness

Solo helps toothbrushes and razors stand up to germs

A cluttered bathroom sink is one of the realities of home life. But the creator of Solo seems to think that a minimalist design is the solution. The razor and toothbrush holder is made of aerospace grade aluminum, making it more durable than the average holder. Because the razor and toothbrush are elevated to upright positions, the product offers a more germ-free solution than what is presently on the market – even though there are plenty of products out there doing that.  Solo is compatible with nearly any razor or toothbrush, and makes the claim that it reduces bathroom clutter because the average toothbrush holder is too bulky.

Perhaps this would hold some water if Solo could hold more than one toothbrush at a time. As for razors, they tend to become rusty no matter where they happen to be, even when sitting upright. This campaign seeks to raise $7,500. Early bird backers get one product for $20, with an expected delivery of April 2015.