Bike Lift&Carry lets your bike ride you for a change

The Premise. Cycling has a great many advantages. Good exercise, clean energy and not having to deal with parking are just a few. Unfortunately, stairs, the natural enemy of the bike, exist. Sometimes it’s necessary to climb up or down stairs when cycling around. Bikes aren’t designed to be carried, making this cumbersome and awkward.

The Product. The appropriately named Bike Lift&Carry is a bike accessory that attaches to the seat post. It features a retractable nylon band that, when extended, loops around the middle of the bikes handle bars. This creates a shoulder strap that makes carrying your bike much easier. It’s strong, too, with the ability to hold up to 70 pounds. One hand rests on the crossbar while the other can be used to grip a railing or hold onto the handlebar to keep it from moving side to side. Assembly is easy and the strap comes in several colors.

The Pitch. The product was created by a Ukrainian couple. The video shows them biking around town, but becoming frustrated by stairs. The husband valiantly offers to help the wife with her bike, but she refuses. They then use Bike Lift&Carry and their marital problems are put to rest. In the remainder of the campaign, the creators are seen in photos using the strap in every which way. Bike Lift&Carry hopes to raise $32,000 USD in their 50-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. This product goes for $45 at an early price or $50 at a regular price. Higher reward tiers offer the product in more durable finishes and flashy colors, such as “rainbow”. Tiers reach up to $200.

The Potential. Carrying bikes is a problem that has not been extensively addressed. Portage lets cyclists attach a piece of leather cushioning to the bars of the bike so that when slung over the shoulder, the metal isn’t too hard. Bike Lift&Carry is one of the first to come up with a way to make bicycles portable on foot. It has a clever design, but may take up valuable space on the seat post for lights and lock holders. Still, this product is great for cycling commuters who hate staircases.