CoordiMate helps math lovers coordinate their Cartesians, stamps graphs neatly

An important part of any math curriculum is learning about graphs. The Cartesian coordinate system is taught so that kids can learn all sorts of important facts about algebra and dimensions. However, drawing endless graphs can be annoying and yield sloppy results.

CoordiMate was designed for just such situations. This tiny tool is a self-inking stamp that seamlessly places a perfect Cartesian coordinate on any piece of graph paper. To use, just push down on the center for a neat graph. The ink dries quickly so that pencil mistakes can be easily erased without any smudges. This product is made from recyclable materials. It’s plastic and looks like a cross with a little face in the middle.

CoordiMate is a great tool for kids learning about math. The company should really consider marketing their product to schools so that kids can buy it directly at school. There’s no mention of how long the ink lasts or if there’s any way to refill it, a definite drawback. Still, for their own, backers can donate $15 for delivery in April 2015. Coordinate hopes to raise $25,000 on Kickstarter.