Packer’s a strap with a pack to wear your skateboard

Skateboards and boards of any kind can really be a useful tool to easily have transportation handy wherever you go. The biggest problem with them rears its head when you step off the board itself and are forced to carry it wherever you go, which can quickly become a chore. The Packer system eliminates this burden, and inevitably makes you look cool doing so.

The Packer system is comprised of the Packer itself, a bag that small enough to be unobtrusive but large enough to hold your essentials, and the Packer Risers. The Risers are special in that they are installed between the deck and trucks of a board to allow a strap to be connected, so that you can walk around with your board on your back as opposed to in your hands. You can order just the Risers and construct your own strap set-up for $19, or opt for the full set-up which will set you back $49. The company is looking for $30,000 to alleviate your skateboarding burdens by March 2015.


Aussie’s boomerang design keep Interchangeable Flip Flops close to the feet

Interchangeable Flip FlopsFlips flops are a summer favorite for footwear, despite the fact that they can be kind of flimsy. Straps will rip out of the base of the shoe many times, causing chaos for those away from home. Interchangeable Flip Flops uses a unique “boomerang” design that makes straps more secure. In addition, they come with extra straps in different colors, making the shoe more versatile and fun. For anyone whose ever broken a flip flop, this Australian product seems well worth it. Backers can donate $25AUD for one pair of shoes and a pair of extra straps. It seems a small premium for a a bit more reliability and style options although for the summery shoe wearer. Interchangeable Flip Flops hopes to raise $30,000 on Indiegogo.