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Shunning sharknados, ORCA eliminates the need for a bigger boat

The Premise. Recreational ocean activities are a favorite for many. Whether they’re snorkeling, scuba diving, surf or simply out on the water, people on the coast love to spend their time in the sea. However, sharks are a real concern for those out in the ocean and a shark attack can seriously harm or even kill someone.

The Product. ORCA stands for Ocean Recreation Comfort Apparatus. It is a band worn on the wrist or ankle while in the ocean that emits sound waves mimicking the killer whales that sharks are afraid of. The battery lasts for up to 12 hours and is rechargeable with an included USB cable. ORCA is powerful enough to emit its sound up to 100 feet around the wearer. This wristband is black and gray and looks much like a traditional digital watch. In addition, the sound it emits isn’t actually harmful to sharks or any other marine life.

The Pitch. Cue the dramatic music as ORCA’s video starts off with a surfer afraid of the sharks she may encounter in the water. Of course all is well once she puts on her watch and paddles out to sea. The rest of the video chats with various marine enthusiasts and gets their take on “sharky” situations. All agree that while shark attacks do occur, it’s important to find a peaceful deterrent for attacks rather than kill all the sharks. This Hawaiian product has a high campaign goal of $175,000 in its 38-day run on Kickstarter.

The Perks. ORCA offers two early-bird tiers for the product at $71 and $91 for estimated delivery in February and March 2015 respectively. At the full Kickstarter price, ORCA will cost backers a $97 donation for delivery in March 2015.

The Potential. It is a wonderful notion to use brains instead of brawn in dealing with a problem like this. As explained in the video, sharks are a vital part of the ocean eco-system and killing them off can have drastic consequences for the entire world. ORCA isn’t the first of its kind, but it certainly is the most humane option for shark deterrents. The SharkShield uses electrodes to create an electrical field around the swimmer, but according to its own website, this product causes painful muscle spasms for the shark which is what causes it to swim away. ORCA uses a simple and compassionate way to repel sharks while allowing swimmers to enjoy the ocean and for this reason it is guaranteed a place in the ocean-lover market.