Personal Transportation

Monolith electric longboard updates your grandpappy’s ride, fits all kinds of modern tech

Browse any technology website and it’s easy to see how commonplace alternative modes of transportation are becoming. Most products in this vein marry eco-friendly power with sleek design, a combination which resonates with both urban city dwellers and extreme sports enthusiasts.

The Monolith is one such example. Within the Monolith’s deceptive veneer are electronic components transforming it into a fully functional and electric longboard capable of reaching speeds of 24mph. While there are other electric longboards on the market, most aren’t anywhere close to being as sleek as the Monolith. This is due to the product’s proprietary Manta Drive technology which incorporates the motors right into the wheels themselves. In addition, the product’s water resistant and unibody design weighs only 12lbs. What’s more, there’s enough room to fit in swappable batteries — each with a range of 10 miles. Lights on both the nose and tail round out the board’s design.

Riders can retain control over the Monolith through the RLFX remote, designed with a small joystick which allows riders to control both acceleration and regenerative braking. This also gives riders the ability to open their hands without the control falling out. And when those hands are free, a companion iOS or Android app allows riders to customize Monolith’s speed and acceleration, connect with other riders, and even generate reports on riding sessions. The app also offers different modes of operation which can be specifically tailored to new or experienced riders. There’s also an Eco Mode so that users can get more mileage out of every charge. Each Monolith is currently going for $1,199, with an expected ship date of September 2015. Inboard Sports, the brains behind the product, is looking for $100,000 in funding by April 4.

Products in the same space as Monolith include the Onewheel and the Movpak, but they ultimately end up looking more like gimmicks than serious contenders capable of transforming a user’s everyday transportation experience. The Impossible e-bike offers a similar, compact experience, but the Monolith is ultimately so much more feature rich. Urbanites, commuters of all types, and sports enthusiasts should be on the lookout.