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Trainerbot could take your ping pong to Forrrest Gump levels

Ping pong is one of those sports that absolutely requires another person to play with. There are a lot of caveats to that, though: If both players are terrible, not much will happen in the way of actual ping pong. If skills levels are vastly different, not much will happen in the way of actual ping pong AND someone’s feelings will be hurt. As a result, it’s difficult to effectively practice playing ping pong.

The Trainerbot turns any table into a suitable location for some hardcore ping pong practice. Its lightweight design can hold 30 ping pong balls but still be tossed into a backpack. This robot has a lot of functionality, able to serve any type of shot (topspin, backspin, sidespin) anywhere on a table and adjust difficulty depending on a player’s skill level.

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CorkNet trivet lets you serve dishes, ping pong balls

CorkNetWhen families get together, it seems that most everyone ends up in the kitchen. Maybe it’s because that’s where the food is, but CorkNet will give people another reason to gather there — especially if table tennis is the family passion. The cork wedges work as a heat absorption item for hot pots and pans, and when the meal is over, doubles as the net for table tennis right at the kitchen table. While a person can choose to easily store it or transport it anywhere, a cork net may mean more effort to retrieve those “net balls.” But then that’s what kids are for, right? Backers can get theirs for £20, with an expected delivery of October 2014.