Boss lets you record voice with the tape measure of your choice

For all those who use a tape measure, the Tape Boss will prove a godsend. The digital recorder attaches to any tape measure and has the capacity to record three separate recordings, from instructions to measurements. Having all the detailed information a button press away is superior to trying to remember everything or writing everything, especially because information is so easily forgotten and it takes so much time to actually get everything of importance down.

Contractors, homeowners, plumbers, and everyone else who use a tape measure will be able to cut down on labor time with this handy device, and over time that number will rise dramatically. A protective rubber coating prevents major damage to the the Tape Boss, and a single battery cycle will last 1,500 recordings. More technology could potentially go into this device, like some sort of smartphone import/export feature but as it exists, it gets the job done. A Tape Boss goes for $50 CAD (~$44 USD) and is expected in April 2015. The campaign is looking for $15,000 (~$13,200 USD) to start production.