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The FeelSpace belt pokes and prods you back home

Getting to a destination has never been easier with smart devices and their large, colorful screens capable of showing the exact way to a destination. While that’s a perfect solution when simply walking around, that’s not quite the case when it’s particularly sunny, there’s a lack of connectivity, or when riding a bike, easily becoming obtrusive to the activity at hand.

To address these navigational challenges, the team behind the FeelSpace belt took the information on the screen and found another way to communicate it: through directional vibrations on the belt itself. This means that vibrations on the belt go off whenever the wearer needs to change direction, making navigation effortless.

Augmented Reality

Telepathy Walker eyewear lets you follow walking directions, possibly dreams

Navigation on smartphones provides enormous convenience to consumers. But the navigation on those devices -– just like on standalone GPS devices — tends to be designed specifically for driving rather than getting somewhere on foot. The screens on those devices can also be very hard to see while walking when it’s sunny out.

patent-claimedTelepathy Walker is small, Google Glass-like eyewear that’s been specifically designed to provide walking directions. It features a bright screen with patented display technology that enables it to be seen even in bright sunlight. It’s also been designed, unlike other smartglasses, so that the user can see both the screen and the world around them clearly at the same time.