Connected Objects

The ZEI makes the task of tracking time less tricky

editors-choice-300x96Whether it be to improve one’s productivity or ensuring billable hours are accurate, managing time is essential. And while most digital
and non-digital time tracking solutions offer lots of versatility, they usually take a lot of time to use effectively themselves, resulting in a loss of time in the long-term — something which is ultimately counter-intuitive.

Timeular, the team behind the ZEI time management tool currently funding on Kickstarter, is looking to change all that. The simple, octagonal device sports a wireless connection to the computer and proprietary software that allows users to assign a project (using labels or an erasable marker) to each face of the device. Like this, they can track time spent on a project by repositioning ZEI to the corresponding project face up or stop tracking by either changing it to another face or turning it off. This simple action shaves off lots of time from the process of managing time, especially since it Pro version is integrated with existing time tracking solutions like Toggl, Timeneye and many others for easier use.