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HERA wristband is another bid to help track your kid

HERAFor parents, keeping an eye on their kids at all times is a must. With the HERA wrist watch, it’s always possible to keep tabs on your child to maintain their safety. This product features GPS, a speaker and microphone so that kids can call pre-programmed numbers or be reached by the same numbers. We’ve seen many of these products recently, like the Safelet bracelet and Tinitell watch. One HERA costs backers a donation of $160 for delivery in December 2014. HERA hopes to raise a huge $500,000 in its month and a half-long Indiegogo campaign.

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Tinitell is a wrist-worn locator and phone for the pre-iPhone set

The Premise. Parents who want to keep track of their kids almost always resort to giving them cell phones nowadays. But a cell phone for a child is a lot of responsibility and risk. Kids are hard on phones and may even lose them as they go out to play and explore the world.

The Product. Tinitell, the smallest mobile phone ever created, is a cell phone that is worn on a child’s wrist. First of all, this device is water- and sand-proof, making it perfect for children. It comes in different colors equipped with GPS tracking, voice recognition, Bluetooth capabilities, a long battery life and call forwarding. This wrist-phone comes in many different fun colors and only has three buttons that operate it, making it simple enough for the smallest of children to use. The phone’s preferences and contact list are managed from the Tinitell iOS/Android app or website.

The Pitch. This Swedish product’s video shows a delightful scene which effectively displays how easily children can get lost while battling monsters. The children in the video use the device easily, reinforcing Tinitell’s asserted childlike simplicity. The rest of the campaign outlines each of the phone’s unique features as well as the back story of what inspired Tinitell. This tiny phone hopes to raise $100,000 in a 30-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. Early backers can enjoy the Tinitell for only $99. The exclusive Kickstarter price is $129, while standard retail price is set at $179. Reward tiers climb from there to $5,000, offering the product in different colors and packages. Each level offering the product has an estimated delivery date of April 2015.

The Potential. Tinitell seems like a good solution for keeping track of your kiddies while they go out and explore. This is not the only product out there, however. The hereO GPS watch tracks children but has a shorter battery life and no call function. Similarly, FiLIP offers the same peace of mind to parents in a wristband package with calling abilities, but only allows five numbers on the contact list. On the other hand, or wrist, FiLIP offers an emergency response system that Tinitell would do well to add. Unlike FiLIP, however, which is currently tied to AT&T in the U.S., Tinitell allows you to add your own SIM for more carrier and coverage flexibility. All in all, Tinitell is a clever device at the right price, but could definitely elaborate on its original design to result in an even better product.