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Goodwell toothbrush wants you to open wide for an open source mouth care kit

Like most products made by huge companies, toothbrushes aren’t designed with sustainability in mind. Usually made from non-biodegradable plastic and having to be replaced at least three to four times a year makes the item a prime polluter. On average, all this adds up to 12 pounds of waste per person or 80 billion pounds worldwide, annually. In an era of increased ecological awareness, this simply won’t do.

Goodwell is looking to do its part in reducing this unnecessary pollution by offering a sleek, modern toothbrush that functionally provides everything necessary to do so. The hybrid toothbrush, tongue scraper, and flosser is made from medical grade aluminum for strength, sport charcoal bristles and binchotan to more effectively fight plaque and clean teeth, and all of its attachments are made from bamboo composite which are fully compostable. Those attachments are open source as well: by releasing their CADs for their attachments, Goodwell is letting users create any kind of attachment they want, like chopsticks or forks and knives. There’s even a small compartment at the bottom of the brush to hold items like aspirin or spare bills.

The brush is a two-part proposition in that you can buy the kit itself with the option of subscribing to their delivery service. This entitles users to receive a new brush head every month along with a product from a collaborator like Maak soap or Marvin toothpaste for an additional $79 a year. Although it may seem like a hefty initial cost, new brush heads every month for that price comes out cheaper than buying a new toothbrush every month and the brush heads are at least biodegradable. If you want to spring for just the toothbrush, though, that will only run $69.  Goodwell is looking for an $12,500 infusion to begin manufacturing by the 26th.