McChi lock slips over deadbolt for more security

Feeling safe while at home and traveling are important for experiencing an enjoyable quality of life. For those times when there is doubt about whether one’s present deadbolt is enough for keeping out intruders, there is McChi. No tools are needed to install it, and it takes about five seconds to attach it to the door. So not only can it be easily used at home, but it can also be used when traveling and staying in a hotel. There are apparently very few compatibility issues here given the fact that it is supposed to fit 90-95% of most household deadbolt locks. While this may not scare off an intruder attempting to come through the door, it at least gives enough time to safely make a 911 call and find a place to hide if necessary. This campaign seeks to raise $7,500 by December 2, 2014. For $35, backers get one product with an expected delivery of December 2014.