Visor Twin flips out to turn drivers, passengers into shady characters

There are days when the angle of the sun is just perfect for causing drivers the visual obstruction that can cause accidents. That’s when having a front and side visor such as Visor Twin can be a great travel benefit. Visor Twin clips to the car’s existing visor and can be positioned to swing to the front while the existing visor swings to the side. That particular feature really sets it apart from other products that just extend horizontally or vertically. It can be an extra sun visor for front and side coverage.

This is a nice idea as long as the concern is just diminishing the visual strain from the angle of the sun. Existing car visors are going to cause a partial visual blockage whether they are used with the windshield or to the side, because side usage blocks periphery and a portion of the side visual field. However, the product seems like it could be worth looking into further if designed well. This campaign seeks to raise $58,000 by January 10, 2015. Early bird backers get one product for $29, with an expected delivery of March 2015.


SkyTent provides in-flight privacy, will attract in-flight gawkers

The Premise. Traveling can be tiring business. A constant barrage of harsh sounds, lights and smells can make it difficult to relax or sleep. It can also be difficult to have a sense of privacy while flying or waiting for a flight.

The Product. SkyTent is a visor that wraps around your head with fabric hanging down from it, looking a bit like those old kerchiefs that the outlaws in westerns wear. The fabric is light, breathable and allows the wearer to see through to the outside world. The visor comes in an array of colors with different design options on the front including “Keep Calm and Dream On” and “Cat Nap”. While on, the fabric hangs far enough away from your face to be comfortable.

The Pitch. A charming video of the creator talking about his product using illustrations kicks off the campaign. He goes through all of the different sensory pollutants that one must endure when flying while relaying what sounds like a flight from Hell to China. The rest of the campaign shows different folks donning the SkyTent as well as add-on features that the creator would like to offer, including more colors and scented oils to clip into the visor. SkyTent hopes to raise $10,000 in its 30-day Kickstarter run.

The Perks. One of these mini-tents costs $25 for backers looking for some solace. There are only two reward tiers on this campaign, both with expected delivery dates of August 2014. A $15,000 stretch goal has been set for the addition of essential oil aroma inserts.

The Potential. ironically, for a product designed to provide privacy, the oddity of the SkyTent is sure to attract looks Other than looking quite silly, though, the product provides an alternative to the tried-and-true sleep mask and less popular portable ionizer. It’s light enough to be portable for travelers and would even be good in long car rides for passengers who experience motion sickness. One similar product includes the Forward Front Face Pillow Cushion , which provides some privacy and rest for air travelers, but requires an awkward bend forward to do so. However, it’s unclear how good a job it does filtering out noxious odors and one will still need to rely on some good noise-canceling headphones to block out noisy fellow passengers