POV Disk brings the animated GIF to the actual desktop

Animation got its start with the early zoetropes that used spinning images, light, and a viewing slot to create an effect that mystified and delighted viewers. The 21st century version of the zoetrope is here in the POV Disk. A persistence of vision display, POV Disk can create colorful and animated images by using a flashing and spinning column of LEDs right on a desktop. With applications like a wall clock or just a way to share a personal message, POV Disk is a unique and eye-catching method of displaying an image in motion.

The effect of persistence of vision imaging is not unlike light-capture photography, but it can be displayed and viewed in person, in real time. London inventor Sonia Khokhar, the creator of the POV Disk, has a goal in mind of £8,000 (~$12,500) to order components and cover packaging and shipping. Interested backers can pick one up in November 2014 for £60 (~$93). The POV Disk would have great applications in advertising, but its size is prohibitive to that kind of function. As such, it would be hard to sell this as anything other than a desk toy.