Connected Objects

EnzoMind Connect connects to and controls your devices via voice

It would be handy to control all the devices in a room just from the sound of one’s voice. EnzoMind Connect is an intelligent remote control system for devices in the home and office that works via voice control. EnzoMind also makes it easy for users to quickly find any piece of information they want on the Internet. The device uses algorithms based on neural networks and has a built-in Wi-Fi module.

The Android-based EnzoMind Connect ships in August at about $299 for a basic version with two adapters to control two electronic devices, about $359 for the EnzoMind Connect Pro with four adapters to control four devices, or about $395 for a multi-room set with one control unit, three adapters and a satellite that expands its operation to two rooms. But Indiegogo backers can order EnzoMind Connect for a pledge of $249 for the basic version, $299 for the Pro model, or $329 for the multi-room set. There are also double and triple sets. Its makers hope to raise $80,000 by Dec. 7.

Other devices have used neural networks, including the Xpider. And, of course, other devices –- namely smartphones and tablets, as well as Amazon Echo and smart hub systems from companies including Samsung — can be used to control devices around the home. EnzoMind’s makers say it can control most electrical devices. Assuming that it does, however, there are still just too many similar devices on the market that it’s up against to call it a sure thing.




Smart Home

3P Plug activates your turn-ons, turn-offs with your voice

Home automation is all the rage, but not enough systems make it simple enough to incorporate these smart features into all of your lights and appliances, instead only working with a select few. What’s the point of smart home if only half of it is intelligent?

The 3P is a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Smart Plug looking to outfit everything in your home not covered by other systems with smarts. It serves as the connection between the outlet and the light or appliance itself, and allows users total control over its operation with voice or remote smartphone command. The included temperature and humidity sensors also keep tabs on temperature to empower users to save energy using the companion iOS/Android app’s scheduling features. A donation of $35 gets backers a Smart Plug and the Smart Beacon with embedded sensors. A successful $20,000 campaign will see the product delivered by March 2015.

Although the 3P Smart Plug boasts voice control, it doesn’t have a wide array of commands available to it. As such, these limitations seem glaring when compared to other solutions like the SAM or AngelBlocks, which have proven to be more fully featured and provide more utility. The 3P shouldn’t be overlooked, though. It’s fairly difficult to make everything smarter, and the 3P handles the outliers well.