Catzenpup feeds dog or cat wet food, can’t replace an owner’s love though

There are lots of automatic pet feeders out there that feed your cat or dog when you’re not at home. However, must focus on dry food or only serve either dogs or cats, but not always both.

Catzenpup is a new device that automatically feeds your dog or cat when you’re away, but with wet food. Wet food is better for pets. Not only does it provide more nutrients, but it keeps them better hydrated as well. If owner isn’t around to feed Fido, then how are they supposed to give him water as well? To use, either schedule up to four feeding times per day or set a timer to dispense food every so often. Catzenpup is battery-operated and has a low battery indicator.

While this is a great idea because many pet owners simply can’t stay home all day, there are some flaws to this design. Similar products, like the PetPal use an accompanying smartphone app to dispense food when the owner chooses. A schedule is probably better for the pet’s health, but it’s still nice for owners to have the option to use their smartphones. In addition, this product, as well as others like the Kittyo, come equipped to interact with dog or cat as well for some fun play time. Last and probably least, Catzenpup isn’t very stylish, look like bulky medical equipment much unlike the similar PETLY.

Catzenpup has a ways to go before it can compete with the scads of similar automatic pet feeders out there. For one, backers will have to donate $89 for estimated delivery in June 2015. This product is hoping to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter.