Personal Transportation

Wind Wheels personal skates concept is a bunch of hot air

Every person at one point wishes they could bust out a bike from a handheld box or a pair of skates from within their shoes to make the last 10 minutes of their commute more bearable. Although there are some ideas up in the air, nothing can get higher than the Wind Wheels.

The product idea is essentially a pair of skates attached to a user’s legs that can be accessed whenever needed. It works with a piston-like mechanism that will disengage and lower a pair of wheels and pedals to step on. Currently, however, all that’s available is a video showing a very crude prototype. Imagination is in full-throttle here, so potential backers have to do the heavy lifting themselves.

Although the idea in theory sounds awesome, its doubtful it will actually end up being as slim as something like this needs to realistically be. Plunking down $500 for an idea expected to be due in June of 2016 seems foolhardy at best, so trying to raise $18,000 will be a Herculean feat.