Connected Objects

Map your face to better skin with the MAPO connected face mask

The largest organ the human body has — its skin — is probably the most misunderstood. While it’s certainly tough, over time it puts up with stresses ranging from pollution to excessive sun, requiring constant care to make sure it stays in top shape. This is doubly true for the face. Going to the dermatologist routinely, though, is a difficult proposition given a lack time and, in many cases, the money needed.

Designed to maintain optimal levels of water content, the MAPO connected beauty mask is equipped with Bluetooth LE and interfaces with a companion app to make it easier to stay on top of skin health. Within the mask are flexible electronics featuring a four-electrode array that work together to analyze skin characteristics in less than one minute. Over time, these analyses form a profile that is compared to others in the MAPO community to offer helpful, crowdsourced solutions to particular problems.