Furniture Safety

Taichiman Bulletproof Bedside Table supports alarm clocks, stops gunfire

Taichiman Bulletproof Bedside TableFunctionality, storage and bulet stoppage is a tall order for a nightstand. But one product is out to deliver. The Taichiman Bulletproof Bedside Table is a nightstand in ordinary circumstances, but becomes a shield and weapon storage unit during times of trouble. The tabletop design is customizable for visual appeal, but is made of the same type of material as police anti-riot shields, It’s also IIIA bulletproof, and is nearly 6 millimeters thick. If a higher bulletproof level is desired, customization is available. The product appears to be easy to assemble, and is available to early bird backers for $185, or $245 includes a torch light and door / window alarm system. Expected delivery is October 2014.

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