Tail Gater Plus lets you attach stuff to your truck with one hitch

Everyone wants to be friends with the person who has the truck. Not only do trucks offer the convenience of being able to haul stuff from place to place, but the right attachment can provide seating at a tailgate party, or a quick and easy work station when building or camping.

The Tail Gater Plus is a hitch attachment that is working toward being a multi-functional item with the potential to include future attachments for a multitude of tasks and leisure activities. There isn’t a great deal of information about this product as of yet, and it seems that it is really still in progress.

Backers might also like to check out Alltera and Rapid Hut. This campaign seeks to raise $25,000 CAD (~$20,100 USD) by March 1 of this year. For $500 CAD (~$400 USD), backers bet the Tail Gater Plus Base Model with one seat, with an expected delivery in June.

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