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Take your dog on a walk with the CARLOS smart leash to see how the other side lives

Nothing escapes the inevitable fusion of the mundane with Bluetooth technology. It’s in everything from wallets to car diagnostic boards, giving smartphone owners far greater control over things that previously were beyond their wireless reach.

CARLOS tends this trend in a much furrier direction, combining smart design with wireless capabilities to transform the dog walk into a truly 21st century activity. The sleekly designed smart leash with a host of built in characteristics setting it apart from the norm.

Physically, the handle of the leash houses various implements that make any walk easier and safer, things like a night light, bag holder, treat compartment, and an ultrasound insect repellent. Users can even charge their phone with the USB port present at its base, so dog lovers can give their phones one last bit of energy before the day starts.

What really sets CARLOS apart are its wireless capabilities, using Bluetooth to connect iOS and Android devices and the CARLOS companion app. For one, the app can record the length and route of walks, using the information combined with the breed, size, and weight of the dog to calculate optimal walking distance. It makes rewarding pets simple, too, by letting owners order food, toys, and treats directly from the CARLOS app.

The app also functions as a community tool, complete with dog owner friend lists, in-app chat, photo and video sharing features, direct chat to nearby vets, and search functionality for dog friendly businesses close by. It also also lets owners use an emergency button on the leash itself that sends an alert along with GPS coordinates to previously selected contacts, just in case. The CARLOS smart leash is priced at $149 in a variety of colors, with an expected ship date of December 2015. The $82,000 campaign ends July 6th, 2015.

While there have been a host of leashes like Leash Tamer, Leash Mate, and The Watchdog looking to improve on the basic functionality of an ordinary leash, none have come close to offering what CARLOS does. It’s a well thought-our product that trumps any possible competitors. Its one downside is its reliance on everyone else having a CARLOS as well, something that won’t happen unless it become incredibly popular.

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