Smart Home

Tank Utility lets your smartphone keep an eye on your propane tank, makes Hank Hill proud

The use of propane to heat a home can sometimes be a pain. Supply levels must be kept up with or else homeowners will find themselves without shivering. This can also lead to frozen pipes and flood damage, both which can be extremely costly to any homeowner. The Tank Utility helps ward off these problems by being your personal propane assistant. The remote smart meter monitors your propane tank level by connecting to your Wi-Fi network, relaying that information back to your smartphone for review. You’ll receive personalized alerts when you’re low and schedule deliveries right on your phone. In the meantime, it’ll be able access diagnostic information about consumption trends, efficiency, and other problems like disconnected Wi-Fi or low battery, all while keeping an eye out for leaks and other strange usage. With the device requiring no tools to install and able to work in temperatures as low as -20°, it is an incredibly useful tool to effortlessly keep on top of things around the home. Combine this with other home automation solutions like the ActuSwitch and the Ninja Sphere to really keep things under control. Expected in May 2015, the Tank Utility is priced at $200 and is looking for $20,000 in funding.