Temporary windshield offers car protection after smashing successes

It doesn’t seem like the most common problem that could happen when on the road, but there are those freak times when a car windshield gets cracked, chipped or smashed. Of course, there are those occasions when a windshield gets vandalized, too. So rather than pay the tow company to get the car to the shop, Ready Windshield offers a safe option to drive it there. The lightweight plastic stretches over the damaged area and is either secured by closing the edge in the door, or in the case of a completely smashed out windshield, attaching to the window frame. The car can then be driven at the safest slow speed to a repair shop since the fix is not intended to be a long-term one.

While it’s not entirely clear how long it takes to attach it to a window, the product seems like it might limit the frustration of waiting the typical 30-45 minutes for a tow truck. This campaign seeks to raise $18,000 AUD (~$15, 800 USD) by December 7, 2014. For $40 AUD (~$35 USD), backers get one product with an expected delivery of June 2015.