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The Baako One is a wearable charger for your mobile devices

The small but powerful Baako One is a convenient way to wear a charge on the go and be ready to juice up your device when outlets are unavailable.

The product is worn on the wrist and has a sleek, modern design. So far, comes in at least two brightly hued colors for your wearable fashion needs. The Baako One has a 1200 mAh battery and connects with either a micro USB connector or lightning wire for iPhones and iPads.

Besides the convenience that Baako One offers, the manufacturer suggests that we, “break the bonds between us and the wall socket permanently” – at least for your device. There’s no mention in the campaign, though,  if this battery itself is powered at home by plugging in or if you need to replace it after a certain amount of time. Those who pledge £22 (~$33) or more get the device. The campaign goal is £52,000 (~$78,600) on Kickstarter.

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