The Backerjack Podcast, Episode 9: the lock, the keys, and captures in sticky situations

Steve and Ross start out Episode 9 of the Backerjack Podcast with a quick update on last week’s discussion of the record-breaking Pebble Time campaign before moving on to discussing three impressive projects:

  • Sesame lock, an easy-to-install way to retrofit an existing deadbolt lock and replace your keys with your iPhone
  • Opho Keys, a MIDI keyboard with LED-illuminated keys, gesture control, and even the ability to magnetically attach to other Keys. The keyboard will have support on over 150 apps at launch
  • Podo, a colorful and Bluetooth-connected way to replace the dreaded selfie stick

We wrap up with a look at FOGO, the a cool camping gadget that’s struggling a bit in its campaign, and come fill-circle on smartwatches with a discussion of Reserve Strap, a charging band for the forthcoming Apple Watch.

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